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The CBIZ Innkeepers Insurance Program is the largest insurer of innkeeper businesses in the U.S., formed in 1989 based on an in-depth analysis of the industry. Our program was created to meet the needs of the innkeeper industry, addressing their various operations and activities. It is underwritten by Philadelphia Insurance Services, an A.M. Best Rated A++ (superior) company. Our team stays engaged in the industry, attending tradeshows, conducting seminars and speaking at events. We are knowledgeable about all aspects of insurance, specifically the exposures related to running an inn or bed & breakfast. We speak your language, and we are committed to protecting both your personal and business assets.



Our Team

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With decades of experience and unbeatable service, the team at CBIZ Innkeepers Insurance is ready to help!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Buying insurance is a complicated process. It’s important to have the right coverage as it concerns one of your largest assets: your business. We try to simplify the process and help you avoid insurance pitfalls by sharing answers to some of the most common innkeeper insurance questions.


How much insurance should I purchase on my building?

In most cases you want to insure your inn for the amount it would cost to rebuild. The rebuild value is usually higher than the resale value. Most commercial insurance policies contain a coinsurance clause and if you underinsure, you will be subject to a coinsurance penalty at the time of loss.

What is coinsurance?

The coinsurance clause in standard commercial insurance policies requires that you insure a specific percentage of the rebuild value of the buildings. You will be a "co-insurer" along with the insurance company.

How much insurance should I purchase on my contents?

Your contents limit should be based on what it would cost to replace all of your contents.

How much Loss of Income and Extra Expense coverage do I need?

You'll need to calculate this by answering these questions, perhaps with the help of your accountant:

  • What is your net income (profit) and total operating expenses for the last 12 months and the estimated next 12 months following the policy’s inception?
  • In a worst case scenario, how long would you be out of business following a covered loss?
  • Amount of Extra Expenses needed to maintain operations or to reduce the period of shut down.
  • Consider availability of materials, labor, climate, weather conditions, etc.

Why should I select the CBIZ Innkeepers Insurance Program?

We developed the first insurance policy for inns, bed & breakfasts, resorts and boutique hotels. We understand your needs and our knowledgeable staff focuses solely on your industry.

What insurance company do you work with?

Our policy is underwritten by Philadelphia Insurance Companies, an A.M. Best Rated A++ carrier. The A.M. Best rating signifies that Philadelphia has an excellent ability to meet its ongoing insurance obligations, including paying claims. A.M. Best ratings are recognized worldwide as the benchmark for assessing insurers’ financial strength.

Is this supplemental insurance?

No, the CBIZ Innkeepers Insurance Program is a comprehensive policy designed for innkeepers.

If I reside at my inn, does the CBIZ Innkeepers Insurance Program policy cover me?

Yes. Our policy is tailored to provide both personal and business protection if the Inn is your sole and primary residence.

Are the amenities and other activities offered at my property covered?

Yes, in most instances. The policy includes commercial liability coverage for amenities and many other activities.

Why would I need liquor coverage?

If you sell or serve liquor, you will need liquor liability insurance. You may also need a liquor license. Please note that Host Liquor does not cover you. Host Liquor coverage only insures an occasional “party” situation hosted by the business.

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CBIZ Innkeepers Insurance, a division of CBIZ Insurance Services, Inc., is the largest insurer of innkeeper businesses in the United States. As part of an $850 million New York Stock Exchange traded company (CBZ), we developed a specific policy coverage to meet the needs for inns and bed & breakfasts, and the amenities offered by these businesses. Our policy is underwritten by an A.M. Best Rated A++ (Superior) company.

The CBIZ Innkeepers Insurance team knows insurance, specifically the risks and exposures related to beds & breakfasts. We won't confuse you with technical "insurance speak" — our representatives will explain your coverage in simple terms. With hands-on, personal customer service, we guarantee swift communication. As specialists in the industry, we leverage our knowledge and passion to ensure you and your business are adequately protected.





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