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Building Coverage
Amount: Unlimited, no dollar cap. Whatever it takes to rebuild will be spent baring obsolete items like chestnut paneling.*
Coinsurance: None
Valuation: Guaranteed replacement cost*

Causes of Loss: Special cause of loss form

*Certain buildings will be placed on our functional replacement cost coverage, unique to the industry.

Contents Coverage
Coinsurance: None
Valuation:Replacement cost
Causes of Loss: Special cause of loss form

Antiques Coverage:

Included as contents with no depreciation. One-of-a-kind items must be scheduled. 

Business and Personal Contents:
Coverage extends to all contents at covered locations whether business or personal property.

Property Off Premises:
Worldwide coverage up to the contents limit, including while airborne, waterborne or in a vehicle.

Included as contents with no depreciation. One-of-a-kind items must be scheduled. Excludes jewelry.

Included as contents with no depreciation. One-of-a-kind items must be scheduled. 

Oriental Rugs:
Included as contents with no depreciation. One-of-a-kind items must be scheduled. 

Outdoor Furniture:
Included as contents.

Wine Inventory:
Included as contents.

Included as contents. Additional computer coverage includes:  
  1. $100,000 for breakdown or accident to electronic computer or other data processing equipment, including media and peripherals used in conjunction with such equipment. This coverage extends to power surges. Loss of income coverage is also included.
  2. $2,500 for electronic data restoration if loss is other than a mechanical breakdown or accident. Loss of income coverage is also included.
  3. $2,500 virus coverage. Loss of income coverage is also included.
Loss of Income Coverage
Deductible: None

Monthly Limitation: None
Time Limit: Until restoration is complete.
Causes of Loss: Special cause of loss form
Our Loss of Income coverage is unique to the industry.
Loss of Income Waiting Period: No waiting period. Includes losses from overhead power lines. 

Off-Premises Services Failure (Optional coverage, additional premium):
Loss of income due to off-premises services failure. Services include: Utility; Water Supply, including pumping stations and water mains; Communication Supply, including communication transmission lines, optic fiber transmission lines, coaxial cables and microwave radio relay except satellites; and Power Supply, including utility generating plants, switching stations, substations, transformers and transmission lines.

Loss of Use and Additional Living Expenses:

Extra Expense and Consequential Loss:

Alternate Lodging for Guests:
$100 per day per guest, 14 day maximum, $25,000 maximum

Civil Authority Coverage:

If all access is denied to your Inn by a Civil Authority as a result of a covered loss, we will pay loss of income coverage for up to four consecutive weeks. (e.g., road closures due to forest/brush fires, snow/ice or closed for an extended period due to accident investigation/clean-up.)

Mechanical Breakdown Coverage:
Replacement cost coverage with no coinsurance for electrical equipment, mechanical equipment, air conditioning, heating boilers, pressure vessels, steam boilers and pipes, and refrigeration equipment. Coverage includes the extra cost of expediting repairs, damage to guest’s property, actual loss of income for 12 months and extra expense coverage.
  • Expediting Expenses: $100,000
  • Hazardous Substances: $50,000
  • Perishable Goods: $50,000
  • Computer Equipment: $100,000
  • CFC Refrigerants: $25,000
Ordinance or Law Coverage:
$100,000 limit for loss to undamaged portion of building, demolition, and increased reconstruction costs to comply with ordinance or law.

Building Glass:
No dollar limit, including stained glass.

Downspouts and Gutters:
Coverage is extended to damage caused by weight of snow, sleet and ice.

Building Renovations and Additions:
Coverage for building being renovated or constructed including the theft of building materials at the site or in transit.

Backup of Sewers and Drains:
Unlimited coverage for building; policy limits for contents.

Guest Property:
$25,000 aggregate per loss.

Fragile Articles:
Accidental breakage coverage included.

Food Spoilage:
Included as contents limit; however, if a result from a mechanical breakdown, $50,000 limit.

Valuable Paper and Records:

Accounts Receivable:

Employee Dishonesty:

Forgery or Alteration:

Money & Securities:
$10,000 Inside; $10,000 Outside

Attached to building, included in building coverage.

Extended Theft Coverage:
$5,000 for furs and jewelry.

Fire Department Service Charge:
$10,000 with no deductible.

Pollutant Clean Up and Removal:
$10,000 limited coverage.

Newly Acquired Property:
Buildings $250,000 for 30 days. Contents $100,000 for 30 days.

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